Music has always been a part of my life. In 1980 it took the role of Proust's Madeleine: Eleanor Rigby causing such a sudden bittersweet recall of my father (absent in South Africa for a month) that I wept. I insisted that I learn violin, and for seven years until I was eleven I did just this.

At eleven I was taught piano for a year. At fourteen I started to teach myself electric guitar, at fifteen electric bass. At seventeen I started on the course I follow to this day - programming electronic music.

On the right there are links to the various bands I've been involved with. Please be aware that much these sites I constructed in 1996 with Paint Shop Pro 3 and Windows Notepad. They are not works of art.

Below is a link to a musical gallery, with mp3 clips from each stage of my musical development of the last six years.

Music Station

Cuban Beat Crisis

The Holy Church of Jazz (Foundation)

Aliens Exist
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