Aliens Exist

From the depths of Bristol came five warrriors: men with a mission, and that mission was music - to create music that had never been heard before or imagined in the wildest delirium - music was the mission.

It all started back in 1992 with the collapse of the Manchester indie scene. Southerners were getting annoyed with the fact that, like the beer and football, the northeners always had the best bands. Of course this is blatantly untrue, cos Smiles is far better than Tetleys, or <shudder> Boddingtons, and Liverpool and Newcastle are a right bunch of skilless fools, with the rest of the Northern clubs not far behind them in the hopelessness stakes. However, the delusional effects of the music weeklies were at their strongest, and approximately 30 million southerners had inferiority complexes.

Two warriors of music, Alex and Tom, realised this, and, in a brave effort to save the better half of the nation, formed a world beating band. For two years they toiled and slaved, filtering out the poor influences, retaining Pavement and Archers of Loaf, hand picking musicians to see if they fit the mould.

The future was looking bleak: in a last desperate move, Davin the rock guitarist was dropped and, in a move which, ironically, would bring about the downfall of the band, Nik, a mellower guitarist was brought in. To this turbulent mix was added James the drummer and Ben, expert technician and musician. The lineup was complete. The final incarnation of Aliens Exist was born.