The Holy Church of Jazz (Foundation) . House, hip hop, trance, techno rolled into one glorious vision

Four beats right down to the floor!
Hit the beats for the text only browser boys!  DJ X dealing the 
deals with his wheels of steel rocking the house with _serious_

The Holy Church of Jazz (Foundation)

[not affiliated with any religion or complex belief system]

Welcome! Welcome one and all to the Holy Church of Jazz (Foundation), where anyone can rest their weary feet and rack up some serious telecommunications bills.

You will find much to entertain and enlighten you here in the Church. Unlike many churches, the doors to this one are never locked: feel free to wander round and see what is to be seen. Touch the tapestries, taste the wine, and above all, listen to the music.

Music is at the heart of this church - music and chips. Music because it is what we do best, and chips because they taste good. Chips are best eaten hot, greasy and with plenty of salt and vinegar, and in the same manner, music is best made loud, heavy and with plenty of serious beats.

Enter The Church
Read the Noticeboard
Walk around the Grounds
Vandalise the graveyard
Admire the architecture
Smell the slightly open tombstones

Prophet Elijah

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