I've had a passing interest in computer graphics since I helped my brother design the aliens for a Commodore 64 strategy game he wrote for a magazine when I was about 12.

At 18, having earned enough money to buy myself my first PC, I turned to raytracing, but soon it just wasn't enough. Raytracing led to harder stuff, and before I knew what was happening I was immersed in the computer enthusiast's equivalent of crack - Adobe Photoshop.

I was in too deep. I'd suddenly snap out of a session at 3am with a lecture at nine, swearing to myself that I'd never be so stupid again. I thought I could control it, but Photoshop was stronger than me - more powerful than anything I'd known before.

Nowadays, I take it one day at a time. I still get trapped by its siren calls, but I'm usually strong. Just a little 3DSMax is usually enough. Take a look and you'll see.

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