A Jazz Punk Band from Bristol

The Aliens Exist Lineup

Tom Davies
Widely renowned for his intolerant music tastes, Tom cuts a dashing figure among the followers of today's scene. Wearing a purple coduroy shirt, and jeans, with his trademark cheeky grin, Tom can often be found at the helm during the many gigs that he plays in. Status: Founder. Instruments: guitar, voice, clarinet, bass guitar. Current project: finishing another day.



Alex Payne
With his idiosyncratic looks and alternative playing technique, Alex is fondly remebered for his bass skills. Given over to showcasing his new styles in the middle of well rehearsed songs, he will go down in history as being very good at his job. Also notable about Alex is his uncontrollable tendency to own equipment. At the last count he owned one third of the band's equipment. Alex doesn't have music tastes as such. Status: Founder. Instruments: bass guitar, guitar, Moog. Current project: The Holy Church of Jazz (Foundation)

Email: alex@ygardens.demon.co.uk

Ben Silvey
Ben is known throughout North Bristol as the man to see if you need anything sound related. As the sole proprietor of Silversound Studios he gets to see many popular bands come and go on their way to stardom or failure, as the case may be. Ben is a fan of many things, eg Double Crunch Chargrilled Steak Flavour crisps, and nice day fox hunting with a couple of veal cutlets for lunch. Ben likes music quite a lot. Status: single. Instruments: clarinet, Moog, keyboards, guitar, mixer. Current project: finishing his A levels alive.

James Linden
A fast talking, fast dating always late young man, James is wel lrespected in Bristol for his ability to be at least an hour late irrespective of the occasion. Upon arriving on time recently (he had a friend to arrange his time for him) he remarked:

" This is the first time I've ever been on time!"

and he meant it to. James is a strong supporter of the right to enjoy metal. Status: symbol - BMW. Instruments: drums, guitar. Current project: to enjoy himself as much as possible before he dies.

Nik Makepeace
The last member of the band to be added, curiously enough he replaced a rock guitarist to bring in something more mellow and in the end it was his lack of willingness to play rock that contributed to the band's downfall. Universally reviled for this singularly selfish act, he now lives with his family in a small house in Bristol. Status: hated. Instruments: guitar, bass. Nik has no taste, let alone music tastes.

Email: nik@make-it.demon.co.uk

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