Silversound Studios

Silversound Studios are Bristol's, if not Britain's, premier music studios. Situated in cosy and musically inspiring location of a Shirehampton basement, the Studios have been host to many bands in the short time it has been running. Back in 1992 there was The Usual, then there was of course Happytown, arguably the greatest four piece pop band ever to grace the stage of the hallowed Mauretania, before it became an over 25 wine bar. Many other bands have graced its dusty floor, not the least of them were Aliens Exist, who have sadly since split, on musical grounds. Silversound Studios are soon going to acquire a fresh multitracking recoder in order to further pursue excellence in the field of hi-fidelity sound recording. To complement this will be a splendid extended mixer to service each track fully.


In the same building is located SSL Hire. Like its sister venture Silversound Studios it is the leader on the local scene, with its large stock of lighting and audio equipment and its very competitive prices. If you need mikes for a gig, SSL will supply you with some hardwearing gig proof microphones. If you are wanting to spice up your performance and feel like a bit of lighting, check out SSL's range of computer and audio controlled lights, in any colour you can think of. If what you want is out of stock due to demand, SSL will either recommend a different solution or will happily advise you on the whereabouts of another reputable supplier. Try them.