The Holy Church of Jazz (Foundation)

Arising like a Phoenix from the ashes of Aliens Exist comes The Holy Church of Jazz (Foundation). Like a train on a track it has no control over its destination, with only the will of three skilled musicians to help guide its fateful journey; The Holy Church of Jazz (Foundation) is unstoppable in its quest for the ultimate bass driven rhythm.

The Church has a leadership of three, and a congregation of many session musicians, comprising the cutting edge of jazz/dub/punk/metal/dnb styling. Musicians who have recently applied to work with the Foundation include such well known names as Davin Halford, James Linden, and a co-conspirator of the arch-pop band Happytown, Dave Horton. The Church has many projects ongoing at any one time, but among the more exciting moves today is the current plan to stage a performance of Jeff Wayne's musical version of H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds. This piece, two hours long, requires a huge cast of session musicians and voice actors, and it is estimated will require at least a year of arrangement and rehearsal. It will be performed for the first time in 2044 in Bristol, UK. Potential venues are already being located, for the lighting and sound will have to tailored to the capacity of the venue, such is the scale of the performance.