Tom's music tastes

Tom likes bands such as Pavement, Small 23, Archers of Loaf, Pavement, Nation of Ulysses, Guided by Voices, Pavement, Archers of Loaf, Small 23 etc. Particular favourites of his include Pavement and, from time to time, Small 23 and Archers of Loaf.

Tom also likes it when you get breaks in songs, with no music for anything up to 8 beats.

Alex's music tastes

As I said Alex doesn't have music tastes as such. Here are some songs and bands that he likes to listen to, every now and then:
  1. Massive Attack
  2. United World Futures Organisation
  3. Space Shanty - Leftfield
  4. Duke Ellington
  5. Elvis Presley
  6. Scorn - Portishead

Ben's music tastes

Ben likes these musical things:

James' music tastes

An erstwhile devotee of Metallica et al, he now likes many other bands, more acceptable to his peers. Since his acceptance as a result of his "improved" tastes he has discovered many things, including the essentially fascist nature of pub owners, and the way the water always goes one direction down the plug. Oh yeah, bands James is fond of include the Beastie Boys, Portishead, and the Surfaris.

Nik's music tastes

There is very little information available on this subject. When asked how he defined his music tastes he offered "Good" as his definition. From observation we are able to discover the following things in his tape, record and CD collection:

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