The decrepit noticeboard

At the noticeboard...

You stroll over to the noticeboard. Beneath your feet the ground is dry and brittle and your shoes are getting a light brown coating of the fine dusty mud. It is an old green wooden board, heavily weathered with paint peeling. The bottom right corner is rotting away and the glass is loose.

There are a variety of flyers and leaflets in little slots just below, as well as lots of old notices about various facets of Church business. There is a Church postbox in which you can leave a message for either of the two churchmen who are reputed to work here. If you wish, you can have a look at the bits of paper or read the notice board.

You can hear the sound of beats coming from somewhere. Unfortunately, due to the polyrhythmic nature of the sounds and the strange geography of the area you can't make out where they're coming from. They sound insane.

You can see another building from here. It looks like the Vicarage.