Kicking over headstones

Is fun to do

A wander over to the graveyard instills you with a sense of fun; it's time to do some serious damage! The gravestones here are all fairly new, probably, you think, because no one who has been into dance music has died more than about ten years ago.

There are large tombs as well as small headstones, and a central elevated garden with a group of about 60 small cemetery headstones there. A wander in that direction reveals that these are in memory of those in the UK that died as a result of taking MDMA or its impersonators. These stones are very simple with just a name, age and date on each.

For some reason, you can't understand why you ever wanted to do anything other than look at these things. The pointlessness of all these deaths so vastly outweighs that of destroying what may well be these poor folks longest lasting legacy on earth.

Besides that, as you give one of the lighter looking stones a furtive shove, you realise that they are in fact extremely well planted! The tastefulness of the designs is quite appealing, you think. I wouldn't mind this as my final resting place.

From a bench among the Ecstacy Graves, you can see the vicarage. A path leads directly there. Perhaps the priests tend the garden themselves.