Inside the Church

The JazzChurch!

McGuire stepped inside...

It's dark within. You strain to see even a few feet ahead of you, but it just isn't possible to make anything out.

Thankfully a conscientious youth is busy burning some holy texts or something on the altar and the fire is soon burning bright enough to illuminate the walls. There are strange images everywhere and what looks at first glance to be runes or other indecipherable symbols.

You decide to approach the young vandal to see what he is doing. He appears to be burning books, or rather manuals. They seem to be instruction manuals for some kind of electrical goods! Holy texts should not be treated in this way you mutter to yourself, shocked. Surely they should be kept and referred to in times of need?

The Hymn Sheet

You challenge him and he runs away, startled. The pile of ashes reveal themselves to be Alesis and Akai manuals for products you can't quite make out. This must be some sort of sacrifice to the Gods of Dance. Funny, you think to yourself, I can't see Andrew Weatherall here anywhere.

Looking up there is the list of today's hymns: Radius 46, Sferical 32 and Cubic 48. Odd sounding hymns. You wonder what they sound like. There are hymn sheets lying around, but they don't make any immediate sense to you, as they seem to be written in some kind of code. You are determined to find out what these things sound like.

Looking towards the vestry you see a shelf with a collection of books. There are about seven you can see in the gloom, and on a shelf below some tapes, which are blank. Maybe these are used to record on by the band...

Perhaps the answer will be found elsewhere on the grounds...