Changing a Part's Price

In the world of Purchasing, there are occasionally reductions in the price of parts. There are also increases as well, but we don't like to talk about those. If such a change in price does come about, then when the next order is made, the price changes have to be incorporated. There are three main methods of changing a price. The first requires that there be a contract for the part, but the second and third can be done for any part.

If the part is on a contract number and you have already found out the contract number, then you need to enter the Divisional Contracts Data Entry screen. This is on the Purchasing Menu II (refer to A Promis Overview for how to navigate Promis) and the key to press is F8.

  1. Press F6 to Modify Part
  2. Enter the Contract Number in the first box
  3. Press [TAB] to jump to the second box and enter the part number
  4. Press [ENTER] and then press [TAB] to jump to the Base Price and type in the new price
  5. Press F1 to process the new information
  6. Press F8 twice to exit.

    The second method is the easy one. Simply add in a different price when raising an order, when you get to step 8. Subsequent to this, the price will be the new one when you raise an order. This is because the system remembers the last price paid and uses this for the price of new orders.

    The third method is for changing the price of a part when the order has already been raised. In this case you need to see the section about changing the price of an order.

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