Nik Makepeace BA(Hons)

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Born: 29.12.1976 · Nationality: British · Marital Status: Single



1996 – 1999 BA (Hons) Psychology and Philosophy (2:1) University of Warwick

This degree required me to develop many different skills:

This links to my final year research.

1993 – 1995 A Level English Literature Grade A

Filton College

    Psychology Grade A  
    Mathematics Grade B  
1988 – 1993 GCSEs 7 at Grade A and 2 at Grade B

QEH, Bristol


Work Experience

6/’98 – 9/’98 Information and Liaison

University of the West of England

Part of a team that supplied critical management information to all parts of the university concerning the current state of the admissions process. Dealt with clients from all levels: directorate, management, students, colleagues, marketing, UCAS. Constantly refined the existing IT systems to produce more accessible reports, use less paper and to allow faster, more accurate decisions. Formally documented the changes and instructed permanent staff on how to use the adapted system.

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7/’95 – 8/’96 Purchasing Support Hewlett-Packard, Ltd.

Principal point of contact between materials suppliers and the engineering and manufacturing sections. I maintained and developed ongoing relationships with several key vendors and improved supply to HP through these relationships. In addition to the daily use of the IT systems to track purchasing targets and evaluate suppliers, I also designed and wrote by hand an HTML new-user guide for the complex purchasing information systems in use.

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Other Experience

9/’97 – 6/’99 President and Chairman
University of Warwick Real Ale Society

Planned, organised and executed two large real ale festivals each with a turnover of £25000. This involved my designing and printing publicity, acquiring a sponsor, liaising with many parts of the Students’ Union, managing the accounts, sourcing, purchasing and pricing the beers, writing a festival guide and sourcing a printer for it. Each festival exactly matched their target profits


6/’97 – 7/’97 Voluntary English Language Work (7 weeks)

Tira and Tamra, Israel

Taught English to young Israeli Arabs in Community Centre Summer Schools. Designed lesson plans, created materials, took classes, was responsible for their well-being on outings and helped at every level of the Summer Schools’ running.

Professional Training

1997 Effective Reading Hewlett-Packard

This two-day course worked on comprehension at speed, resulting in an increase in reading speed from a population average of 250wpm to 500-800wpm with no loss in comprehension.


1996 Total Quality Training Hewlett-Packard

The training took place over three days and was run by Hewlett-Packard corporate trainers. It covered aspects of TQM including generic systems analysis and the principles of TQM.


1995 - 1996 NEB Supervisory or Management Certificate Pershore Business School

This NEBSM programme (run by the Year In Industry) took place over 3 separate residential weeks during which we received training and engaged in exercises covering many areas of management, including supervision, basic accountancy, health and safety practice, team-building, report-writing, presentation and many others.


System Experience Commercial
Microsoft Windows 95/98 4 years daily use  
Microsoft Windows 3.1 8 years 1 year
Microsoft Windows NT4W 3 years  
IBM OS/2 2 years daily use  
MacOS 3 years daily use  
UNIX (Solaris, Linux, HP-UX) 3 years 15 months
Microsoft Office Professional (inc. Access) 4 years 3 months
Lotus Smartsuite (Ami Pro, 1-2-3, Freelance) 4 years 1 year
Email (cc:Mail, Outlook and many more) 6 years 15 months
Command-line and GUI ftp 6 years 15 months
Macromedia Fireworks 2  
Frontpage 98 / Dreamweaver 2 This site  
Adobe Photoshop 4.0, 5.0 2 years frequent use  
Quark Xpress 2 years occasional use  

In addition to these IT skills and 6 years technical experience, I have the communication skills required to convey this technical understanding to the lay person. I am strongly customer orientated, whether the customer is a colleague or a client, and will change my processes to match those of my customers. I have very strong organisational skills, and show an urgency to solve potential problems in a timely and proactive manner.



Dianne Francombe Derek Rogers Dr Ian Morley
Enquiry and Admissions CPB Dept. of Psychology
University of the West of England Hewlett-Packard, Ltd. University of Warwick
Bristol BS16 1QY Bristol BS16 1QZ

Coventry CV4 7AL