flyer for a gig: The Holy Church of Jazz (Foundation) : There are a fair number of flyers here for this particular gig. Apparently it was on a Saturday, August 3rd. A quick mental calculation reveals that to have been in 1996. You wonder if it was well-attended. Probably not, given the number of flyers still here. On the floor around the noticeboard are numerous crumpled up yellow sheets and innumerable yellow paper aeroplanes. Ha ha ha ha! you chuckle.

You ponder on whether flyers actually do any good; they must be good for something, as most of the big clubs use them. It seems quite likely that people will only pay attention to them if they recognise the event being advertised. Looking back, you can think of very few occasions on which you have gone to a gig you knew nothing about, based purely on a flyer.

You resolve to look out for other, more effective means of mass advertisement. As if...

. . . perhaps subliminal messages? Supersonic suggestion...?