The Notices

There are loads of notices here. Most of them are about fairly mundane matters, such as music-group meetings, recording sessions etc. Some are more interesting, like personal ads, sales and particularly one which appears to be an invitation:

To Whom It May Concern...
Please be aware that should anyone wish to join
us for a lunatic session please make your way to 
the Vicarage where you'll find us hanging out.

-- Nik and Alex

There is another one to the same effect and one announcing a new "complete recording in one handy volume". It sounds like a money-grabbing compilation to you. Still, there are extracts, according to the notice, available around here, so maybe you'll give it a chance. Another notice catches your eye:

The latest Church history is available from all good bookshops and also
please feel free to read the reference copy available to anyone within
the Church behind you.

-- The Historian

If you wish, you can read the full set of legible notices one by one, but on reflection you decide it's probably a lot less boring not to.