The Xrazy Place

As you wander towards the Vicarage the sounds of drums gets louder and louder until you feel you can't approach any closer. These are no ordinary drums - these are insane beats as could only be produced by the mentally deranged! Mixed in with these beats is a sound you recognise from a bygone era. Looking over, you see the source of this sound. It's come from an extension to the building at the back. This building appears to be called The Acid Experimentation Plant!

There is a door to within the Vicarage, or rather the asylum which you are tempted to take

. Off to the right there's a little path leading off to a small garden, or something similar. Between this building and the source of these noises is a 24 hour chip van, who appears to be staffed by a middle aged Iranian called Sayid. There are two guys buying chips right now, but you don't want to approach them as they don't look like normal, rational humans.