Well I never! Every site has to have links, and a cursory analysis of this assertion will deem this site to have links too, or not be a site. Depending on what level of quality or worth you feel is implicit in the notion of 'site', you might dispute this site's 'site-ness', but none of this is relevant, because this site does have links.

I've noticed a certain trough-pattern (please see fig 1) in the quality of site vs. number of external links relationship in entertainment sites. The very entertaining sites either have very few or very many external references. Those with quite a few but not a lot tend to be those written by lamers who can be bothered neither to write funny original material nor to research the web enough to collate (read: steal) funny material from elsewhere, and thus build up a database of entertaining links.

These people suck and should be put down. It is in this spirit that I present you with the only four websites I could think of. Believe it or not, I'm not actually connected to the net, so I suck and should be put down.

The Onion - America's Finest News Source

Google - America's Finest Search Engine

Sonic Foundry - America's Finest Digital Audio Processing Software Company

Cakewalk - One of America's Finest MIDI-Audio Sequencing Software Companies (this joke's getting strained)

Please not: there are no links to Cuban resources on this page, because we really don't care about the place. No more so than your sorry town anyway.