In 1994 the American Administration added another item to its stringent sanctions.   By means of a radio and naval stockade, the feeeelthy Americans have almost entirely prevented the free flow of necessary beats into the socialist dictatorship of Cuba.   This is the Cuban Beat Crisis.  Without even emergency beats, the future of the region is bleak.  At present, demand for beats is so intense that it is rare for any one musician to possess enough to make a difference.  We will make that difference.

Our Mission

To introduce, by means of stealth, subversion or subtlety, a new supply of fresh beats to Cuba.  To exceed audience expectations and improve the lives of our customers.

Crew Profile

Cuban Beat Crisis is made up of Alex Payne and Nik Makepeace.  The symbiotic relationship between these two partly human entities is complemented by the symbiotic relationship of their instruments of beat creation.  Through strenuous research we have now prefected revolutionary new methods of beat creation which improve the listening experience of over 97% of our customers.  In addition to this, beat distribution methods are currently being trialled which hopefully will finally allow an alpha-test injection of beats into districts of Havana.

Cuban Beat Crisis are members of the Multinational Beat Corporation, affiliated with the Rack-Full-Of-Kit scheme, and were founder members of the Holy Church of Jazz (Foundation).

"Cuban Beat Crisis have the coolest name in dance music" - Andy Marshall
"They're a lot better than Apollo 440" - various sources
"Cuban Beat Crisis should have a record deal" - Dave French (San Quentin)
"So should we" - Tom Davies (San Quentin)

After the demise of Aliens Exist, Alex Payne and Nik Makepeace started this relief operation.  So far, one thing is clear: Alex can't finish anything he starts, and Nik never starts anything he finishes.

Contact Information

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