Seeing What Orders have been Placed Upon Us for a Part

Sometimes we will be subject to orders placed on us from other divisions, who need some parts that we typically have in stock. These orders (known as Internal Orders, or IOs) are recorded on the system as Scheduled Issues. These are visible from within MM and Promis, although MM provides the more concise description. From within MM (from any menu) type REVIEWISSREC to enter the relevant screen.

From here is is simply a matter of keying in the part concerned and looking to see what MM provides. The scheduled issues are presented in the bottom right quadrant (the scheduled receipts, i.e. parts coming in, are on the left) and show the IO number, the date it is due to go and the quantity to be sent.

This information can be gleaned from Promis' Gross Requirements Review. If the gross requirements are examined, they will display all IOs as well as local work orders and forecasts. The only problem with this method is that the person examining the gross requirements must be canny enough to spot an IO number as opposed to actual build or flex.

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