Checking an Order

If you want to check an order number to see what its status is, for example how many parts have been delivered against it or whether or not it is still open etc, then you can use either MM or Promis, but Promis is more reliable than MM, as the information is sometimes slightly more up to date

In Promis, you need to use POMAINT, so enter Promis and press // until you are at the main menu screen.

  1. Press 9 to enter POMAINT Order Review/Change
  2. Choose F1 to get Order Review/Change
  3. Enter your order number

  4. Details of your order will be displayed, including, from left to right, the and on the other line,the and on the third line are any details for Receiving, as described in Raising an Order

    Press RETURN and F8 to Go Back to the POMAINT menu and again to return to the main menu.

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