Changing a Part's Local Notes

Sometimes if there is a particular bit of information about a part that you require reminding of, such as the date it's going to be obsolete, or a quirk of a vendor, or price break info etc. Small pieces of data can be added to POPLAN so that they appear as little notes at the bottom of each part's section. These notes are called local notes and are printed out every time POPLAN is printed, and are also displayed when the part is ordered. They can be very useful.

To get them displayed you must simply tell the system what you want to be shown. This is done using Promis. From the first Purchasing Menu choose option 1: PSPEC: Purchasing. You will be told, if you have the right authorisation, that you have "update capability." This is good, because it means you can alter the local notes. You must choose to update the local notes, which is the right-hand menu, and option C.

Now simply enter the part number which you wish to change (you must be logged on as the controller for the part - see A Promis Overview) and add notes, line by line. Remember to erase the local notes when you no longer need them.

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