Changing the Quantity of an Order

To change the quantity of an order, you must know the order number of the order you wish to change. When you know the order number, you need to do use Promis. Once in Promis you need to press // until you are at the first screen.

  1. Press 9 to enter POMAINT Order Review/Change
  2. Choose F1 - Order Review/Change
  3. Enter in the order number, making sure the letters are all the correct case
  4. If you want to officially inform the vendor of the quantity change, you can print a change order. If you don't want to do so (the usual scenario) then press RETURN
  5. Press F2 for Change Item. If there is only one item, then you can proceed to Step 7.
  6. Choose which item you wish to change
  7. Press F2 again for Change Quantity
  8. Enter your new quantity and press RETURN until you are returned to the screen at Step 7. The new quantity will appear together with the new L-T-R (left to receive) quantity in the top right.
  9. Press F8 to Go Back a screen, and, if desired, choose another item and return to Step 7. Otherwise, press F8 to return to the POMAINT main menu

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