Re-Opening a Closed Order

You can use Promis to re-open a closed order, for example if you need to to make the order bigger but it is already closed.
  1. Press 9 to enter POMAINT Order Review/Change
  2. Choose F1 - Order Review/Change
  3. Enter in the order number, ensuring that all the letters are in the correct case.
  4. Press F2 to Change Item. If there is only one item then you can skip the next step
  5. Choose which item you wish to change
  6. Press F7 for More Keys. Now press F3 for Re-Open, and Accept the Re-Open
  7. Press F8 to Go Back to the previous screen, and, if you have no more alterations to perform upon this order, press F8 another two times to return you to the Promis main menu.

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