Django, the script

of the smash-hit Western movie

DJANGO - A man so well in touch with his mortality that he carries his own coffin around with him, waiting for his own death which must come as surely as those of his foes.

The plot of the movie is largely irrelevant, much like that of a Bond movie; it should be watched only for the typical Western contents. Django is possibly the best spaghetti-western ever made; it has everything required in a film of its genre - pinpoint shooting, enormous odds, grendades, machine guns, gold and a big box with a gun in it. Top stuff. Watch it, study it, and drink tequila while you do it. One shot per Mexican killed ought to get you fairly well slaughtered. Share the fun with friends!

Rent it, buy it, steal it, prostitute yourself for it. If that is what it takes, do it, to see Django.