Within this work contains the complete history, both musical and personal, of the Holy Church of Jazz (Foundation). I believe it is the first time that such a work has been undertaken with respect to the changing economic and social cliamtes of the time.

Within you will find a complete documentation of the development of The Holy Church of Jazz (Foundation) along with more than just lip service paid to other bands that arose from the same melting pot.

You can also expect to read about the influences on the lives of the Holy Church, including the never before revealed details of one member's search for his soul and the consequent decline in the rationality of his life.

Please feel free to browse this work, or to read it from virtual cover to virtual cover. Either way, if you appreciate it, please send an email to me, the Historian here at the Holy Church. I have a complete knowledge of the men who run this organisation, and I will be happy to return my comment to any questions you may have.

Above all, please enjoy!

-- The Historian

Last Updated: 13 September 1947

As you finish reading this you feel strangely compelled to turn over and look at the contents page.