I like computers!

Yes it's true: I like computers, in all their forms, except Spectrums, which I have never liked, and with good reason - they're crap. Speaking of crap, when I was at primary school my dad procured on Oric, one of the blue ones, with the faulty sound chips. We never got a red one (the more sexy Orics, if I remember rightly) but we went through a few of the blue ones before a Dragon 32 came our way. This was a high quality computer for its time (was it Spanish? Tell me.)

This was great, and we spent our time busily accumulating disk drives for it, and going to the local computer group. Then, one fateful day in 1985 my godfather arrived and saw the pitiful state of our home computing (at some point we had a QL but I can't remember when) and desperately plugging his product (he was at the time vice president of Commodore Business Machines, US) he bought us a C64, which in 1985 was bloody amazing, and actually was the only computer in the history of the universe to actually get better with age, without hardware upgrades, as the programmers discovered more and more hacks to get around the hardware limitations. Amazing. However, some years ago my mum smashed it up with a lump hammer during an argument about who got to use it and when, and from that point on its popularity declined.

Since then we have had a 1512 PC and three Viglens - a 386SX25, a 486SX25 and our current 486DX33. With these machines I don't do any real computing (I gave up programming when I had to deal with Commodore Basic!) apart from my favourite activity - installing operating systems. Recently I have installed DOS, various flavours of Windows (frequently, because it is so utterly shite) OS/2 and I am going to stick Linux on in the next few months.

I told you it wasn't interesting!