Over the last few years we've been doing many things.  One of them has been periodic writing and recording.

The Holy Church Bonfire Tapes
This is a compilation of very early material, recorded by the Holy Church of Jazz (Foundation) between 1994 and 1996. It features the birth of the Church in an age before computers ruled it.
The Best Holy Church of Jazz Album in the World ... Ever! (Foundation)
This material was all recorded in a single session in nasty little studio in Bristol. Despite using an eight-track and a professional desk, massive post-processing was required to get it sounding as good as it does, which isn't very.

The Cuban Beat Crisis Relief Aid EP
This stuff is 1996 vintage, and was recorded direct to stereo, mixed with JPW Mini-Monitors sitting on wooden shelves in a glass and concrete room. The songs are all right though.

Cuban Beat Demos
This is 1998's output, and features the classic track 'Capybara' and a bonus trance track done in an afternoon.

The Boxed Set
The complete works, in a nice handmade wooden box.