Changing a Part's Safety Stock

Safety Stock is a term for a buffer of stock which is used to protect the manufacturing line from running out of parts. It is treated specially by the system, and is almost counted as not being there for forecasting purposes. It simply remains a (hopefully) undisturbed emergency reservoir of parts, in case the normal stock levels should drop below xero for whatever reason.

Recently (14.12.95), however, Safety Stock has been used (on trial) automatically by the system for a new planning process. Due to this make sure that Safety Stock is required and authorised before adding it.

Adding Safety Stock

There are two ways of adding Safety Stock: as a flat quantity and as a quantity based on a period's usage. For example, Safety Stock could be set to, say, 5000 parts, or alternatively set to 4 days' usage, which would be determined by the system every time POPLAN is run. The first situation is actually changing the Safety Stock, the second changing the Safety Stock Days.

To change Safety Stock, you must use Promis. The screen required is called POPARM Maintenance and Review. It is option 6 from the first Purchasing Menu. Once there the POPARM MAINTENANCE menu is presented. What is needed is the second option, MAINTAIN PLANNING PARAMETERS BY PART.

Having done this, just press F8 twice to return to the Purchasing Menu.
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