Checking All Planned Deliveries of a Part

If there exist POs for a part then these POs will of course be visible on the system. If there is any need to quickly look up the numbers, dates and quantities of any active purchase orders then it is far quicker to use MM than Promis. The screen required within MM is REVIEWISSREC. This screen shows all the scheduled (i.e. planned) receipts of a part and all the scheduled issues (i.e. transfers out of the division) of the same part. The scheduled receipts of a part are all dated with the delivery date of the order as entered on the system, so if the orders raised are merely blanket orders then they probably won't be much use in finding out the next delivery. They will, however, show how many parts remain to be delivered, and what the delivery date on the system is.

From any MM menu type REVIEWISSREC (and press enter, of course) to enter the screen appropriate. Simply key in the part number that is to be delivered (or not!) and MM will display in the bottom half of the screen all the planned issues and receipts of this part. The receipts are shown on the bottom left, and display the date, order number and quantity to left to come in.

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