Listing the Open Orders for a Particular Controller

In order to list all open POs for a controller, you must use NERDD. NERDD is a program which allows access to a very large number of automatically generated system reports. These reports can be very useful as often they contain system information which is inaccessible by other means. One such piece of information is a list of all open orders by controller. NERDD is very straightforward to use, consisting of a series of expanding menus and lists of documents.

In order to get at the open order listing, follow these steps:

  1. From Program Manager, open NERDD
  2. Enter your user ID and password
  3. Using the mouse, double-click on the following menus:
  4. Then choose the report called "Open Ord by Ctlr" and you will be presented with a huge report containing each controller's open orders, arranged by vendor in alphabetical order. To get quickly to the controller you are interested, search for the following:

    CONTROLLER : xx where xx is the controller number you want. Also note the spaces; there is one either side of the colon.
Having done that if all has gone well you will see that controller's alphabetically first vendor's open orders. Or, to put that another way, you will jump to the vendors of the controller you wanted, and you will be shown the open orders of the vendor which is first in the alphabet. From here you can either print the pages out, or just survey them.
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